Maybe this new era will finally crush the content farms. Probably not but one could hope.

I've been reading for more newsletters than I ever have, much like I used to consume blogs and, like you referenced in an earlier post, chasing the news of the day seems to be a default strategy. But when I found multiple large newsletters essentially regurgitating the same key news stories, I was able to weed out the ones who weren't adding much to the mix. I think you touched on this in a previous post (which you linked to in this post).

I was surprised to see how low unique niche rated for discovery but on the other hand I can see the value of voice because niche by definition doesn't apply to the widest possible audience.

Thanks for the food for thought.

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Ha, did not expect to see a deep dive into my old co-worker and friend Jesse's SmartBrief on Social Media archives!

I want to think on your take more, because it certainly cuts deep as a longtime niche person (finally a recovering SmartBriefer after 12.5 years). The feedback I sometimes got from readers of my leadership publication there was that they liked that I didn't try to be a cable news-type personality, riling up emotion and attacking this or that. Maybe the relative lack of personality (or the "here is some advice, it's up to you to deploy it" approach) WAS the personality that attracted readers.

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The ability to bring yourself requires clarity of purpose and method. As well as the vulnerability to execute it publicly as often as possible. The ones who become students of themselves will win in the future economy.

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